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Ask Jigsaw: I ruin everything

How do I accept to love myself when I hate everything about me and want to change everything about me and feel I ruin everything I just want to be normal.

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Niamh’s story: Causes of anxiety

Read about Niamh’s experience of anxiety combined with a disability.

Watch: Fed up with staring at the wall

James talks about experiencing difficulties with his mental health. He decided to go to Jigsaw in Kerry and shares what this was like.

Watch: Good days and bad

Ricky, 24, experienced a dip in his mental health following a relationship break up. Jigsaw helped him develop the skills to help him cope. In this video he talks about his experience.

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Watch: Realising it’s not just me

When anger and anxiety started to impact on Lauren’s life she decided to go to Jigsaw. However, she worried about what people around her would think. Here she talks about her experience.

Ask Jigsaw: Can’t tell anyone, nothing makes me happy

I feel like nothing really makes me properly happy anymore. I’m always tired and I don’t feel enthusiastic about the things I used to. I know I should probably talk to someone or something but I feel like that might turn it into a big deal and that would make me feel worse.

Coming out about your sexuality

Coming out begins with allowing time to explore and discover who we are physically, romantically and sexually attracted to. Here is some advice from a Jigsaw Clinician about coming out.

Exercise and mental health

We all know that exercise is good for our mental health. Here we will look at exercise, why it can help and ways to incorporate it into our lives.

Family conflict

Conflict within families can be a big source of distress for young people. Here Jigsaw clinicians talk about ways to cope with family conflict.