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Dealing with self-criticism

There’s a myth that having a harsh inner critic is some kind of secret weapon to getting where we want in life.

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Dealing with anger

Anger is a feeling we all experience. It’s an emotional state that comes with thoughts and often physical feelings as well.

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Friends are a big part of our everyday lives. Having good friends can greatly increase our overall sense of wellbeing.

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What does One Good Adult mean?

When we ask young people what made a difference to them in helping them through tough times, they say having someone who listened to them was what helped them most.


As a parent or guardian, looking after your own mental health is really important. Here are some tips to support your own wellbeing. 

How to tell when a young person is struggling

In order to act early, we need to know what to look out for and how to tell if someone: a young person; or indeed anyone in our lives, is beginning to struggle with their mental health.

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Anxiety and young people

Many young people accessing Jigsaw services report feelings of anxiety. Here’s how you can support the young person in your life

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Screen time and young people

The term ‘screen time’ gets bandied about quite a bit and when linked with young people reports can often be negative. The term itself is quite misleading as not all screen time is equal.

Social media, self-esteem and young people

Young people are connected more than ever before and with that connectivity comes some concerns for parents.