Covid-19 and youth mental health | Advice for young people, parents and professionals

Coronavirus and youth mental health

The Covid-19 situation is changing daily. As the current situation evolves so must our response.

Our clinicians have been busy working here developing articles, videos, animations and audio which will be published here regularly. These will all reflect the changing environment we’re in, providing information and support for young people, parents and guardians and those working with young people.

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anxiety as society reopens

Anxiety as society reopens

Lockdown brought about many changes. As restrictions are easing it can be an anxious time for those of us who have gotten used to our new routines.

personal story

Living with an essential worker

Emily, one of our volunteers gives us her story about how her life has changed living with an essential worker.

fomo as lockdown ends graphic

FOMO as lockdown ends

For many of us, the only upside of Covid-19 was the downfall in #FOMO. That may change as things start to open up.

headphones icon indicating you can listen to a clip about negative body image after lockdown

Negative body image after lockdown

Jigsaw Volunteers Ahlam and Erin (both 20) talk about body image and expectations that we see online and on social media during Covid-19.

Jigsaw Live Chat

We've launched a new way for young people to connect 1:1 with Jigsaw clinicians. Check out Jigsaw Live Chat.

article icon which says let downs

Disappointment and Covid-19

Many of us have felt disappointment and a sense of loss since early March, when the impact of Covid-19 began.

extra support with phone icon

Jigsaw's Covid-19 supports

We have increased the frequency of our online features along with introducing new ones as part of our Covid-19 response.

Listen self-care with earphones icon

Listen: Self-care during Covid-19

Linda, Jigsaw clinician, goes through examples of self-care and our young volunteers in Limerick give us their take.

RALLY graphic

The importance of rallying around young people

Jigsaw developed the RALLY approach as a way One Good Adults can support young people’s mental health.

Patience in times of uncertainty

Unusual circumstances like COVID-19, can cause feelings of impatience and stress to increase. Developing patience can help us during heightened times of uncertainty.

webinar icon

Minding your mental health during Covid-19

We held our first webinar for young people on how to mind your mental health during Covid-19. This is a recording.

Positives of lockdown

We asked our volunteers what the positives are about lockdown for them (if there are some!) and they came up with a quite a few.

Green graphic with white text and a speech bubble to indicate you can ask a question

Ask Jigsaw

Anonymously ask any question or query you may have related to your mental health and have it answered by a Jigsaw clinician.

White graphic with teal text that says live group chats and a chat bubble icon to indicate you can talk to a clinician

Live group chats

We are currently hosting weekly live group chats facilitated by a Jigsaw clinician. Apply up until three hours before the chat opens.

Green graphic with white text that says covid-19 anxiety white a speech bubble icon to indicate an ask jigsaw question

Ask Jigsaw: How to cope with Coronavirus health anxiety?

With Coronavirus rampant at the moment I’m feeling worse than ever.

speech bubble that says the future

Ask Jigsaw: Preparing for the future

How do I face a future I cannot predict? What can I do to prepare for a future I may never be ready for?

Article icon that says finishing education

Finishing education from a distance

Whether it's finishing primary, secondary or college, Covid-19 has made finishing education a very different experience this year.

icon of speech bubble that says scared to talk

Ask Jigsaw: Scared to talk in person

I want to get help as I know I don’t have healthy mental health but I’m scared to talk in person.

Listen: Feelings of anxiety

Jen, Jigsaw clinician, talks about feelings of anxiety and what we can do about them.

Purple graphic with white text that says practicing gratitude with a orange tv icon

Watch: Practicing gratitude

Watch Alan, Jigsaw clinician, talk about ways you can practice gratitude throughout your day.

Green graphic with white text that says stressed and a speech bubble icon to indicate an ask jigsaw question

Ask Jigsaw: Daughter stressed about Coronavirus

How can I help my daughter who is so stressed about the Coronavirus?

Listen: Brain Drain exercise

Eimear, Jigsaw clinician, walks us through a 'brain drain' exercise that can help us when we start to overthink.

Purple graphic with white text that says

Watch: SNACK self-care tool for parents

Sinead, Jigsaw clinician runs through the SNACK tool for parents to look after their own mental health to support others.

Green graphic with white text that says scrolling and an orange speech bubble icon to indicate an ask jigsaw question

Ask Jigsaw: Scrolling for Coronavirus information

I am finding it really difficult to stop scrolling on my phone.

Listen: Ace tool for emotions

Ace is a useful tool for grounding or steadying ourselves if we find ourselves caught up in difficult thoughts.

Watch: Triple A for emotions

Sinead, Jigsaw clinician, talks about how you can support your difficult emotions and feelings right now by thinking of “Triple A”.

Ask Jigsaw: Friends not social distancing

I met up with my friends today and it was a bit underwhelming. First of all there was 7 of us, but the thing that stressed me out the most was the lack of social distancing.