Covid-19 and youth mental health | Advice for young people, parents and professionals

Coronavirus and youth mental health

The COVID-19 situation is changing daily. As the current situation evolves so must our response.

While our face-to-face services are temporarily suspended, young people’s mental health remains our top priority. Our clinicians are busy working here developing articles, videos, animations and audio which will be published here regularly. These will all reflect the changing environment we’re in, providing information and support for young people, parents and guardians and those working with young people.

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Coping with the impact of Coronavirus

It is really important to look out for each other along with our own mental and physical health in these unusual and uncertain times.

Watch: Staying connected in current circumstances

Connection is important for our mental health. Claire, Jigsaw clinician, talks about staying in touch and connected in current circumstances.

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Anxiety about health and Coronavirus

We have to be mindful of our health and safety right now. However, many of us are feeling increased anxiety about our health and Coronavirus which is not helpful. 

Linda, clinician

Watch: Social media use during the pandemic

Linda, Jigsaw clinician, talks about social media use and how to mind our mental health during a time where we see a lot of information on one topic.

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Watch: Relaxation and mental health

Relaxation can positively impact our overall mental health and wellbeing. Learn about the benefits of relaxation and how to incorporate it in your life.

Leona, clinician

Watch: Navigating family conflict while working from home

Leona, Jigsaw clinician, tells us how to navigate family conflict while working from home during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Leaving Cert in the time of COVID-19

If you are sitting your Leaving Certificate exams in the time of Covid-19 you might feel stressed. Here we talk through some things that might help.

Jen, clinician

5 a day

Jen, Jigsaw Clinician, goes through the 5-a-day you can do to look after your mental health in this time of social isolation caused by Coronavirus.

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Watch: Supporting mental health while social distancing

The Limerick clinical team tell us how their routine has changed in this time of social distancing. They also share tips on how they’re managing their own mental health.

Exercise, mental health and social distancing

Exercise is linked to positive mental health. Úna, Jigsaw clinician, talks about exercise and mental health in the context of social distancing.

Listen: Managing routines while working from home

With schools and colleges closed and social distancing, many people are struggling. Criosa, Jigsaw clinician, talks about the importance of keeping a routine at this time.

Listen: How parents can support young people

Brendan, Jigsaw clinician, talks about how parents can support young people's mental health during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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Ask Jigsaw: How to cope with Coronavirus health anxiety?

How to cope with health anxiety? I’m always such a hypochondriac...with Coronavirus rampant at the moment I’m feeling worse than ever.

Ask Jigsaw: Daughter stressed about Coronavirus

How can I help my daughter who is so stressed about the Coronavirus, she's not sleeping and crying that she might have the virus.

Ask Jigsaw: Fearful about Coronavirus

I’m fearful that somebody my school can be infected. I think I’m infected but I don’t know what to do.

Ask Jigsaw: Scrolling for Coronavirus information

I am finding it really difficult to stop scrolling on my phone cos I need information about what's going on. I want to take a break, but I don't want to miss out on any updates.