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Webinar: Exam related anxiety for parents


Right now, students in their Leaving Cert year are in a bit of limbo. There are still questions about when the state school exams will happen and we know this is stressful for young people facing them, along with their parents.

We ran a webinar for parents on Monday, 20th April where two Jigsaw clinicians gave a presentation on school and exam related anxiety in young people. They then took questions from parents about what was going on for them.

Supporting Leaving Cert students

The latest thinking is that the Leaving Cert will begin on the 29th July. We know that a lot of young people are upset and angry about the exams being delayed. During this unusual time, they can find it very difficult to stay motivated to study.

It can be difficult to know when to encourage work or try to intervene if a young person is clearly not staying on top of their workload. Adding to this, we are all very much in each others space right now, and more aware of each other’s schedules.

In this webinar recording Erica and Jules, Jigsaw clinicians discuss goal setting, motivation and give guidance on managing Leaving Cert stress for parents.

Jigsaw will be running further webinars on a range of topics for parents and for young people. 8 pm Monday, 27 April: ‘Supporting young people to stay positive and motivated.’ with Laura and Orlaith is for parents.

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