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Ask Jigsaw: Scrolling for Coronavirus information

I am finding it really difficult to stop scrolling on my phone cos I need information about what’s going on. I want to take a break, but I don’t want to miss out on any updates.

Ask Jigsaw: How to cope with Coronavirus health anxiety?

How to cope with health anxiety? I’m always such a hypochondriac, and I regularly experience bad anxiety over symptoms I convince myself I have. With Coronavirus rampant at the moment I’m feeling worse than ever.

Ask Jigsaw: Fearful about Coronavirus

Will the coronavirus (COVID-19) affect schools in the east of Ireland near Dublin. I’m fearful that somebody my school can be infected. I think I’m infected but I don’t know what to do.

Ask Jigsaw: Moving away for college

I’m moving away to go to college in September, I know and have my course already. It will be my first time living away from home and I’m anxious about it.

Ask Jigsaw: Fell out with a friend

Near the end of school last year I fell out with my friends, well one of them but then the rest took their side.

Ask Jigsaw: I’m a disappointment

I am such a disappointment to my parents, they are both really sporty and fit and while that’s great i don’t like sport at all.

Ask Jigsaw: Parents separated

My Mam and Dad separated recently and my Dad moved out. I am really angry with him for loads of different reasons.

Ask Jigsaw: My daughter suffers from anxiety

My daughter suffers from anxiety, it often stops her from leaving the house and doing activities.