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Ask Jigsaw: Moody and snappy at home

I often become very angry and sad at home, my parents normally give out to me to being moody or snappy but I don’t know why do it. I feel like I am being treated unfairly but when I look back on the situation I don’t know why I got so angry or what the problem was to begin with.

Ask Jigsaw: Would people remember me?

Do you think if i killed myself people would remmeber me because i feel like I’m not the kinda person to be dwelled, School is getting harder and harder and sometimes it feels like i cant breathe with the persure being put on me, Sorry for bothering you with my problems feel free to ignore x

Ask Jigsaw: Can’t seem to feel happy

Hi there i suffered a missed miscarraige in 2016. I had a healthy baby girl june 2017. I struggled with stress and anxiety throughout the whole pregnancy. I have tried to get back to feeling like the person i was before all tbese events but i cant. I cant seem to feel happy anymore and if i do i find myself just wondering when it will go wrong again.

Ask Jigsaw: The pain of losing a friend

Hi, I’m 15 years old and I’m in 3rd year. Last year I told my best friend whenever I felt suicidal. My parents said that I’d leaned too heavily on my best friend that she couldn’t take it anymore. I wasn’t allowed to speak to her anymore, I never actually got to speak to her after that. She started telling people why we weren’t friends anymore.

Ask Jigsaw: How do I stop caring what other people think?

How do I stop caring what other people think if it’s taking over my life and ruining things for me?

Ask Jigsaw: Hate living but don’t want to die

I smoke a lot of weed to take away the feeling of life. I hate living but don’t want to die how can I change this?

Ask Jigsaw: Anxiety has been affecting my eating habits

Do you have advise for a young adult stuggling with anxiety. I’ve recently been falling into fits of anxiety several times a day that have had a huge impact on my health.

Ask Jigsaw: Scared I’m getting obsessed about food

Because of exams I get stressed and because I cant exactly control what marks I get I sometimes turn to food as a thing I can control. Every time I eat something I think is this going to make me fatter or I should run to burn off what I’ve eaten.

Ask Jigsaw: Scared about CAMHS

I’m due to see CAMHs (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) about my anxiety, depression, self-harm and suicide, I’m scared they’ll do things like take me away from my parents, what should I do? How do I go about it?