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Ask Jigsaw: Supporting my friends

All of my close friend have been through bad mental health. I’ve been there for all of them throughout the years but now it’s all getting too much.

Ask Jigsaw: Fear of failure

Do you have any info as to where a 25 year old male could get advice about finding a job? His anxiety and depression means he has never succesfully held down a job.

Ask Jigsaw: What is counselling?

What is counselling? We hear the term ‘counselling’ used a lot, and in reality it can mean different things to different people.

Ask Jigsaw: Moody and snappy at home

I often become very angry and sad at home, my parents normally give out to me to being moody or snappy but I don’t know why do it. I feel like I am being treated unfairly but when I look back on the situation I don’t know why I got so angry or what the problem was to begin with.

Ask Jigsaw: Would people remember me?

Do you think if i killed myself people would remmeber me because i feel like I’m not the kinda person to be dwelled, School is getting harder and harder and sometimes it feels like i cant breathe with the persure being put on me, Sorry for bothering you with my problems feel free to ignore x

Ask Jigsaw: Can’t seem to feel happy

Hi there i suffered a missed miscarraige in 2016. I had a healthy baby girl june 2017. I struggled with stress and anxiety throughout the whole pregnancy. I have tried to get back to feeling like the person i was before all tbese events but i cant. I cant seem to feel happy anymore and if i do i find myself just wondering when it will go wrong again.

Ask Jigsaw: The pain of losing a friend

Hi, I’m 15 years old and I’m in 3rd year. Last year I told my best friend whenever I felt suicidal. My parents said that I’d leaned too heavily on my best friend that she couldn’t take it anymore. I wasn’t allowed to speak to her anymore, I never actually got to speak to her after that. She started telling people why we weren’t friends anymore.

Ask Jigsaw: How do I stop caring what other people think?

How do I stop caring what other people think if it’s taking over my life and ruining things for me?

Ask Jigsaw: Hate living but don’t want to die

I smoke a lot of weed to take away the feeling of life. I hate living but don’t want to die how can I change this?