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Ask Jigsaw: Anxiety has been affecting my eating habits

Do you have advise for a young adult stuggling with anxiety. I’ve recently been falling into fits of anxiety several times a day that have had a huge impact on my health.

Ask Jigsaw: Scared I’m getting obsessed about food

Because of exams I get stressed and because I cant exactly control what marks I get I sometimes turn to food as a thing I can control. Every time I eat something I think is this going to make me fatter or I should run to burn off what I’ve eaten.

Ask Jigsaw: Scared about CAMHS

I’m due to see CAMHs (Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service) about my anxiety, depression, self-harm and suicide, I’m scared they’ll do things like take me away from my parents, what should I do? How do I go about it?

Ask Jigsaw: Sleeping is almost impossible

Sleeping is almost impossible. The thought of sleep scares me when I go to bed at night. I wonder how long will it take tonight before going to bed. I sometimes get anxious if I will be able to sleep at night.

Ask Jigsaw: My boyfriend of 5 years broke up with me

My boyfriend of 5 years broke up with me 6 weeks ago on impulse. He’s been telling mutual friends and his counsellor that he wants to get back together. I don’t know what to think. I’m spiraling as the days go by.

Ask Jigsaw: I feel so lost right now

I just feel so lost right now. I have very little motivation for studying and am so confused about my future and what course to do in college. I feel like there is something missing in my life and something wrong with me .

Ask Jigsaw: Obsessed with calorie counting, do I need help?

Over the past year, I’ve gotten super obsessed with counting my calories; restricting and then ‘binging’ as a result, occasionally using other methods like appetite suppressants and laxatives to compensate.

Ask Jigsaw: No one to talk to

I’m sick of pretending that everything’s ok when I’m hurting so bad and I have no one to talk to. I’m just so alone and wish I had someone to turn to. What should I do since I have no one to talk to?

Ask Jigsaw: Afraid to tell friends I’m bisexual

I am bisexual and I’m afraid to tell any of my friends because no one keeps secrets anymore. Also, I think I like two people of opposite sex at the same time. The boy I’ve been in love w for like three years but the girl makes me feel fluttery.