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Teachers' resources for Covid-19

Since schools closed on 13 March, our clinicians have been developing articles for young people to help them get through this difficult time.

Working with teachers, we know that one of the biggest concerns for you right now is not hearing back from students. This is particularly the case, if as a teacher, you are aware that a student’s home life can be chaotic.

Here we’ve gathered some links that maybe useful for you to share with your students, or on your school’s social media channels, to reach those you may not be hearing back from.

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gray graphic with white text that says leaving cert and an article icon to indicate you can read this

Leaving Cert in the time of COVID-19

How to manage stress if you are facing the Leaving Certificate this year.

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Managing routines while at home

How to manage a routine, stop procrastinating and stay motivated. Listen, watch and read.

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Coping with the impact of Coronavirus

It's important to mind our own health during this time and look out for others.

Self-guided study

Self-directed study is not something that comes naturally to many of us. It's a skill that can take practice to develop. Here some strategies to help.

Struggling with schoolwork at home

Whether school was something you loved or hated, having to do school work from home can bring a whole new set of challenges.

Watch: Navigating family conflict

Leona, Jigsaw clinician, gives suggestions for navigating family conflict while working from home during the coronavirus pandemic.

graphic that says substance abuse

Substance abuse during Covid-19

The use of alcohol and drugs can influence and impact our ability to cope with difficult situations.

Listen self-care with earphones icon

Self-care for young people during

Linda, Jigsaw clinician, goes through examples of self-care and how we can look after ourselves during this period of lockdown.

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Jigsaw's Covid-19 response

Details of our freephone, email, group chats, webinars and Ask Jigsaw feature. All free to access for young people, parents and concerned adults.