How bullying can affect you

The impact of bullying is different for everyone. You may find it having an impact on your self-esteem and mood. It can also cause you to feel down, scared or anxious. Bullying can leave you feel isolated, angry and upset. It can also feel embarrassing or humiliating.

Physical impact of bullying

Even if the bullying you’re experiencing isn’t physical, you can experience physical feelings. It’s not unusual for young people to experience illness, loss of appetite, and headaches as a result of bullying.

Online bullying / cyberbullying

If the bullying is online, it can feel as if there’s no escape. Online bullying can come in the form of abuse, personal intimidation, impersonation, sharing of pictures without your consent, humiliation, exclusion or cyber stalking.

Long term affects of bullying

Bullying can also affect your ability to do the things you need to or want to at school, college and work. This then can have other consequences, like your grades or work slipping. It can also lead to long term feelings of stress and anxiety and potentially lead to feeling hopeless.

Remember, if you are experiencing bullying it is not your fault and you should not have to put up with it.

Getting support for dealing with it

If being bullied is causing you to feel down all of the time, it might be time to seek help.

If you’re feeling hopeless or having thoughts of suicide or self-harm it’s crucial that you seek help immediately.

Don’t be a bystander

A bystander is someone who witnesses or is aware of bullying going on. As a bystander you can have a huge impact on what happens for the person who is experiencing the bullying.

You can step in and try and stop what is going on. This action also lets the person know they have someone who supports them.

Being a bystander counts online too. There are often things we witness online we don’t really feel any responsibility for. If you see something online that could be embarrassing for someone, report it. Imagine yourself in the place of someone in a cringe-worthy image or video. Think about how that would feel before you share it.