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The run up to the Leaving Cert 

Ciara and Emmet, Jigsaw Youth Advisory Panel members, look back at what it was like in the run up to the Leaving Cert, trying to juggle study and maintaining a life at the same time.


I spent the full month going to the library trying to keep up with my friends but it's very hard to do when you're constantly stressing

Ciara, student repeating one subject

Ciara and Emmet look back

Ciara is repeating one subject to get the course she wants in Trinity. She talks about how on the outside she seemed calm and to be taking it all in her stride but was very anxious doing the Leaving Cert last year. She tried to maintain some kind of balance, even when it felt like a crazy thing to do with exams just a few weeks away.

Emmet repeated the Leaving Cert to get into the course he wanted. He has now just finished his first year of a course he loves. He talks about how the Leaving Cert is always in the back of your mind in the run up to the exams. Even when you try to take a break and have a night out with your friends it’s always there, looming at the back of your mind.


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