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What are the good things about lockdown?

We asked our volunteers what the positives are about lockdown for them and they came up with a quite a few.

It shouldn’t have be a surprise that spending more time with family was high on the list of positives.

Spending more time with my Dad and having more time to sleep. Aisling (18) Meath

Spending time with my family, having time to write and having the time to figure stuff out about my future. Amina (17) Meath

I find that there is more family time, and everyone has had to slow down from a busy lifestyle. I have been calling my cousins and spending time with my family more than I would normally. Annemarie (20) Meath

Spending valuable time with my family and focusing on myself. Emily (18) Donegal

Spending time with my family. Getting through college work. Yvonne (24) Limerick

Being able to spend more time than I normally would at home with my family. Ruth Clare/Galway

Spending more time with family. Realising which countries I might move to later. Maybe NZ! Keith (24) Dublin

I get to see my family more than I would if I were in college in normal circumstances. I have more freedom in terms of when to get up in the morning, go to bed at night, etc. I don’t have to be up in time to go to college lectures. Dylan (21) Offaly

I get to have some long-earned sleep after having to wake up at 6am daily for classes

Emilia (19) Meath

Feeling less pressure

While we’re all still socially distancing, not being able to keep up with normal routines can remove some of the pressure we can feel from different areas. Being able to get more sleep was a big one, so why not use this time to create some good sleep habits.

The world came to somewhat of a sudden halt weeks ago and everybody’s priorities have completely changed to how they used to be, I don’t feel the pressure of the standards of the “old world” anymore. Anonymous

Being able to press the reset button and work on things I never had time for. Daniel (23) Meath

I’ve more time to engage in hobbies that I’ve let slide over the past couple of years. Daragh

I get to have some long-earned sleep after having to wake up at 6am daily for classes and have time for myself to finally finish things I started such as embroidery or catch up on TV shows I always wanted to watch. Emilia (19) Meath

The sunshine, spending more time with my family and having time for self care!

Mary (20) Dublin

The positives of being in lockdown are I get to spend more time with my family and dogs. I am less stressed from rushing from college to work and doing assignments in between. Hannah (21) Meath

The positives for me in lockdown are spending precious time with my family and dog at home, having more me time and appreciating the little things. Mark (22) Dublin

The sunshine, spending more time with my family and having time for self care! Mary (20) Dublin

Time to rest and really listen to my bodies needs after slowing down and not rushing around all the time, more time to read, more time to be creative, easier to cook and eat healthier and more quality family time. Mikayla (20) Dublin 

Spending more time with family at home and connecting with friends and extended family more frequently over phone calls, video calls, messaging etc. Having time! Taking a break from time constraints/schedules and the pressures of a busy lifestyle. It’s nice having all my family home. Also, as someone currently experiencing poor mental health, it’s a relief to not feel guilty for not leaving the house. Anonymous

I’ve been able to pick up some skills I abandoned due to the business of regular life. Nicola (19) Dublin

I now have more time to focus on college as I don’t have to commute to college now. This was useful for exams. Lockdown has also motivated me to exercise more, and try new methods of exercise such as home workout videos. Shauna (19) Meath

Since the lockdown I’ve been able to take a step back and start enjoying the small things that I’d have ignored before, it’s been nice to just appreciate the small things around me. I’ve been getting to spend more time with the people I live with, it’s been so nice learning from each other and having a laugh at the same time. Anonymous

The biggest positives for me so far have been mainly to do with the amount of time I have on my hands now. In lockdown I’ve been able to look after myself and my mental health more, spend more time painting, doing DIY, baking and cooking with my dad which has been great. It’s been great staying in touch with everyone so I’ve had the chance to make up and send care packages for my grandparents and for my boyfriend because I can’t see them. Orlaith (19) Dublin

What are you looking forward to?

Many of our volunteers mention the benefits of stopping and taking pleasure in things that focus them in the moment. Which we know is good for our mental health. Sometimes, it can also be good to think of things to look forward to in the future, or work out what we’re missing to really see what’s important to us.

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*spoiler alert* You may find some overlap, as they’re positives too.