What challenges our mental health?

Challenges to our mental health can be relatively brief, or persist for many years to come and go over time. Mental health difficulties rarely have one definite cause. They usually involve the combination of a lot of different factors.

To get a good understanding of what’s going on with someone’s mental health we need to look broadly at what is going on in their life now.

We also need to consider what has happened in the past. Relationships, levels of stress, physical health, experiences growing up, thinking style and significant life events are some of the things that might contribute to our mental health, either positively or negatively.

Mental health difficulties and emotional distress are often an understandable response to events or circumstance in our lives. In Jigsaw we believe that we all have mental and emotional health that we need to look after as best we can.

It will change depending on our life experience and circumstances. We also know that we will all experience difficulties and distress at times in our lives.